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メモ: ダウンロードできるプラグインをお探しの場合は次のリストをご覧ください:

Maharaには高度な着脱可能のアーキテクチャ (基本設計概念) があります。現在、あなたは認証、コンテンツタイプ (アーティファクト)、ブロック、通知、検索等のプラグインを書くことができます。加えてあなたはMaharaのテーマをカスタマイズしたりUIを異なる言語に翻訳することができます。In addition, you can theme Mahara, and also translate the UI to different languages.

Maharaシステム内のサードパーティプラグイン Third party plugins within Mahara system

Mahara, being open source, relies on a number of other open source plugins for certain parts of its functionality. To check what plugins are being used you can look at the Third party plugin list, or run this command from base install directory to find their version number.

find ./ -iname readme.mahara -exec grep -H 'Version' {} \;

開発者ドキュメンテーション Developer Documentation

If you want to include third-party code as a part of your plugin, please verify that that code is compatible with GPL v3, which is the license that the Mahara is licensed under.

You can verify license compatibility using the following references:

管理スタッフ Admin stuff

We used to maintain a "mahara-contrib" project in Gitorious and Launchpad, where we invited plugin developers to keep their projects. This fell into disuse circa 2010, and now we encourage plugin developers to host their project wherever they wish, and we'll link to it on our Plugins page.