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以下のインストラクションは「How to change your master branch to main in Git 」(英語) から取得したものです。

# Switch to the "master" branch:
$ git checkout master

# Rename it to "main":
$ git branch -m master main

# Get the latest commits (and branches!) from the remote:
$ git fetch

# Remove the existing tracking connection with "origin/master":
$ git branch --unset-upstream

# Create a new tracking connection with the new "origin/main" branch:
$ git branch -u origin/main

For good measure, run

 git pull

once done just to get the latest code.

Update the Gerrit hook

  1. Open the file 'post-checkout' in '.git/hooks'.
  2. Find 'master' and change it to 'main'.
  3. Save the file.