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データベースレイヤ: ADODB/XMLDB




Maharaは内部的にcronを実装しています。この主な理由は常にcronジョブを設定および繰り返し編集する手間を省くことにあります。cronは内部的に実装されるため、新しいプラグインをどのcronジョブをMaharaで動作させるか簡単に登録できます。登録したcronジョブは確実に適切な時間に動作します (メモ: Maharan内部ジョブとして実行させるため、あなたはcronジョブの設置が必要ですが、Maharaのセットアップ時のみ設定して後は忘れてください)。

エラー処理およびロギング Error Handling and Logging

PHP5アプリケーションとして、Maharaはほとんどのエラー処理に例外処理を提供および使用します。Being a PHP5 application, Mahara provides and uses exceptions for much of the error handling. Mahara also provides excellent logging facilities (to apache error logs) that give detailed error messages and backtraces when a problem occurs. Mahara also catches uncaught exceptions and displays generic "an error occured" pages, that don't give away any information to potential hackers about what went wrong.

フォームビルディング Form Building: Pieforms

Mahara bundles the Pieforms form building library. It provides a very simple way to generate and process forms. It takes away the hard work of writing HTML and even much of the tedious validation work. It also handles session key checking for you, so you'll never generate a form vulnerable to XSS unless your try really hard to work around it. And if necessary, it provides the capability to lay out a form with widgets anywhere you choose - though most of the time you'll be happy enough with the forms generated by default.

HTMLフィルタリング HTML Filtering: HTMLPurifier

In plenty of places in Mahara, user content is displayed. We bundle HTMLPurifier and provide wrapper functions for it, so you never have to worry about users inserting malicious tags. This filter is so good, we've previously had people complain that they can't embed anything at all! Mahara now ships with filters for allowing embedded code from select websites that most people trust, such as Youtube and Slideshare, and the filters are naturally pluggable.

テンプレーティング Templating: Dwoo

Mahara uses Dwoo for its templating needs since Mahara 1.2, and previous to 1.2 used Smarty. PHP developers familiar with Smarty's abilities will find Dwoo quite similar, and we use it extensively throughout Mahara.

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