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あなたのローカルセットアップを新しいブランチを指すために変更する Change your local setup to point to the new branch

The following instructions are taken from 'How to change your master branch to main in Git 以下のインストラクションは「How to change your master branch to main in Git 」(英語)から取得したものです。

# Switch to the "master" branch:
$ git checkout master

# Rename it to "main":
$ git branch -m master main

# Get the latest commits (and branches!) from the remote:
$ git fetch

# Remove the existing tracking connection with "origin/master":
$ git branch --unset-upstream

# Create a new tracking connection with the new "origin/main" branch:
$ git branch -u origin/main

For good measure, run

 git pull

once done just to get the latest code.

Update the Gerrit hook

  1. Open the file 'post-checkout' in '.git/hooks'.
  2. Find 'master' and change it to 'main'.
  3. Save the file.