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Mahara becomes more and more known. Users present about it at conferences and Mahara partners have exhibition booths to engage with conference participants. Please add the conferences at which you had an exhibition stand to this list in chronological order. Individual conference presentations / workshops can be added in the Mahara presentations section of this wiki.

Support company
ePortfolio Conference 2009 London, UK 2009

Mahara UK 2009

Mahara community London, UK 15 July 2009
Swiss Open Expo 2009 Bern, Switzerland 2009

Mahara UK 2010

Mahara community London, UK 16 July 2010


Catalyst IT Christchurch, NZ 5-8 October 2010

ePortfolios Australia Conference 2010

Netspot Melbourne, AU 3-4 November 2010

[email protected] 2011

Catalyst IT Rotorua, NZ 23-25 February 2011

Mahara UK 2011

Mahara community Southampton, UK 21-22 June