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Mahara continues to be presented at conferences, workshops etc. Please add the presentations and links to any supporting files online here in chronological order.

To find other years:

File format(s)
Transformative Use of Technology: Online Portfolios Barbara Steinberg and Colin Matheson California League of Schools Annual Conference North Sacramento, CA, U.S.A. 26-28 February 2016 English
Portfolio: Which way? Kristina Hoeppner WCELfest 2016 Hamilton, NZ 11 February, 2016 English Slides
Portfolios and assessment? Kristina Hoeppner DEANZ 2016 Hamilton, NZ 19 April, 2016 English Slides
Visualizing competency assessment Kristina Hoeppner DEANZ 2016 Hamilton, NZ 20 April, 2016 English Slides
Count down to Mahara 16.04 Kristina Hoeppner Mahara Hui, 2016 Hamilton, NZ 21 April, 2016 English Slides
Mahara: Portfolios for everyone Kristina Hoeppner Intro to Mahara Wellington, NZ 28 April, 2016 English Slides
Mahara 16.04: What's in it? Kristina Hoeppner MUG Meeting Wellington, NZ 11 May, 2016 English Slides
Take learning to the next level with a portfolio Kristina Hoeppner iMoot 2016 Wellington, NZ 26 May, 2016 English Slides
Enhancing group assessment with Moodle Sam Taylor & Aurélie Owens MoodleIEUK 2016 United Kingdom 17 May, 2016 English Presentation
Mahara Kristina Hoeppner iMoot 2016 Wellington, NZ 28 May, 2016 English Slides