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Mahara presentations

Many people present about / demo Mahara at conferences around the world. On this page we want to collect all these presentations to have them in a central place for quick reference. Please feel free to add your presentation on the respective page for the year.

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The presentations for 2019 are ordered chronologically and as much information as possible is provided for them.

File format(s)
An open road - Our eportfolio journey Lisa Donaldson and Dr Mark Glynn (Dublin City University) OER19 National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland 10-11 April 2019 English Slides
The WIL portfolio: Experiences and ideas Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst) NZACE International Conference 2019 Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand 16-17 April 2019 English YouTube
Ein nachhaltiges ePortfoliosystem für die Lehrerbildung Karsten Wolf Germany May 2019 Slides
Portfolios in the workplace Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst) Totara Government User Group Wellington, New Zealand 16 May 2019 English Video recording