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Mahara Governance Group

The Mahara Governance group combines the strengths of the core partners; specialist e-learning service providers Kineo Pacific and the leading open source company Catalyst IT. Don Christie and Mike O'Connor, are Directors from Catalyst IT, while Richard Wyles and Nolen Smith are Directors from Kineo Pacific. The main function of this group is to provide overall project direction and policy and ensure the project has the appropriate resources from each respective company. As an open source community project, Mahara is guided by broad consultation with the Mahara community.

Project Leader

Richard Wyles has helped guide the direction of Mahara since its inception as a Massey University led project starting in 2006.

Release Managers and Project Maintainers


Mahara is developed by a world-wide team of programmers, designers and enthusiastic amateurs. Development is lead by a team of dedicated programmers mainly employed by Catalyst IT.

Many individuals and groups have contributed to Mahara so far. Most of the major ones are listed here. If you think you're missing from the list, don't hesitate to contact us! The community for Mahara is steadily growing and many users dedicate their time to improving Mahara by contributing code, time, documentation etc.

We make special mention of Heinz Krettek, our first ever fan. He has been lurking in IRC on and off since late 2006, maintains the German language pack and his own Mahara support site over at Thanks, Heinz!

We grouped the contributors into developers and translators and included those who work on Mahara continuously. Thus, they are listed twice. The order of the contributors is alphabetical according to their first name.

Community Manager


and many others


Not every active community member codes, commits changes or provides translations. Many also contribute in other ways, are active in the forums etc. Among those are the following.


A large part of the development on Mahara would not be possible without the funding from institutions and organisations.

The University of Glasgow have funded several pieces of work for us, including View Templates, part of Import/Export (the HTML export is thanks to them), and various bug fixes.

GLISI/Ray Merrill funded enhancements to Mahara's groups, and Ray has provided much invaluable guidance around Mahara's usability.

With JISC funding we were able to add import/export functionality to the Mahara e-portfolio system, as part of the 1.2 release. This work was sponsored by the University of London Computer Centre, University of Glasgow and JISC Cetis.

A collaborative group in the State of New Hampshire funded the ability to submit Mahara Views for assessment in Moodle, through a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Education. This collaborative group consisted of the following school districts:

Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine sponsored the development of the plugin Problems & Conditions.

The BScE at the University of Luxembourg funded the development of the tag cloud, improvements to the feedback function in the 1.2 and 1.3 releases, and bug fixes for Mac servers.

Birmingham City University funded the initial development work for Collections and Plans (new features in Mahara 1.3). They also supported the development of locking down blog posts and files that are used in submitted views.

Lancaster University Network Services (LUNS Ltd.) was funded by Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online (CLEO) to design several features.