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From Mahara 1.2, administrators can put modified (or new) language files into the local/lang directory, and the strings in those files will override the strings in the installed language packs.

For example, say you want to change the string "Logout" to "Let me out!".  This string is defined in htdocs/lang/en.utf8/mahara.php.  You can create the file htdocs/local/lang/en.utf8/mahara.php with the following contents:

There is no need to edit the original language files, so updating the site to newer versions of Mahara will be easier -- there is no need to merge local changes to the language files with the updated versions.

Strings used by plugins are stored in files like htdocs/artefact/file/lang/en.utf8/artefact.file.php.  These strings can be overridden by creating htdocs/local/lang/en.utf8/artefact.file.php.