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Before the meeting

  • Hint: "watch" the agenda wiki page to receive email notifications when someone adds something to it
  • 1 week before the meeting, send a reminder to the developer forum.
  • 1 day before the meeting, send a reminder to the developer forum.
  • The day of the meeting
    • Make sure MeetBot is running. You should see a user named "mahara-meetbot" in the #mahara-dev channel.
      • If it's not there, ask a developer to make sure it's running.
      • If no one can start it up, have someone save their IRC logs, and they can be processed by MeetBot in offline mode later.
    • In order to save typing time, have the text for the agenda topics as well as "Items from last meeting" prepared so that you just need to copy and paste them.
    • Pick the proposed date and time for the next meeting (to be discussed at the end of the meeting).
    • Read the most important commands for meetbot in the manual. Know at least how to use
      • #startmeeting: Use this at the beginning to start the bot recording and declare yourself the chair
      • #topic : Introduce a new topic
      • #idea : Used if someone introduces a new Mahara idea
      • #info : Generic info you want to show up in the minutes
      • #agreed : Use this to indicate when an agreement is reached
      • #action : Use this when someone is assigned an action item
      • #link : Use this to highlight a URL
      • #undo : Undoes the last minute item, but only the chair can do this.
      • #endmeeting

During the meeting

  • Start by asking participants to state their name at the beginning of the meeting, preceeding it with #info. Those participants who say something in the meeting are listed at the bottom of the minutes, but others may not say anything, but are still present.
  • If a participant writes something that should appear in the minutes, repeat / rephrase it either with #idea or #info depending on the context if he hasn't done so himself.
  • If there are long silences, try to ask questions to elicit comments or state that you are moving on to the next topic.

After the meeting

  • If #mahara-meetbot was running, it should automatically upload the logs into git repo and
    • If not, then send the logs to a developer to run MeetBot in offline mode and upload them.
  • Add links to the Minutes and IRC Log on the Developer Meetings page.
  • Create an entry for the next meeting on the same page along with an empty Agenda page.
  • Announce the date (on the developer forum) for the next meeting (linking to the empty Agenda page, you may put a link to worldclock) and link to the minutes of the meeting that just ended.

Additional suggestions

  • Deadline for agenda items. Anything not added gets pushed to the next meeting
  • Have a future meeting agenda items page on the wiki (final row in the table) for items not going into the schedules meeting

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