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First steps

Rather than using a standard release build of Mahara, you can check out the code from our git repository.

git clone git://    

If you check the project out from git, you have the option of checking out a specific feature branch of Mahara, if you're interested in one in particular. See for a list of all branches in our git repository. Example:

git clone git://
 cd mahara/
 git checkout -b 1.3_STABLE origin/1.3_STABLE

Once you've got the code from git, you should point your webserver at the htdocs directory if you want to run it.  You can update the code by running the "git pull" command from anywhere inside your checkout.

Submitting the code for review

If you have developed a useful feature or fixed the bug, you may contribute it to Mahara by submitting your code for revision.