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A list of the third party plugins within Mahara.

A helpful way to update this list is to go:

 find ./htdocs -type f -iname "README.Mahara" -exec grep 'Version' -B1 {} \; -print

on the current codebase.

Note: another thing to keep in sync is the country names we use for 'Country' dropdowns. To check what the current state of play is

 perl -MLocale::Country -le 'print join("\n", sort map { country2code($_) . " => " . country2code($_, LOCALE_CODE_ALPHA_3) . ", // " . $_ } all_country_names())'

and check the results against htdocs/lib/country.php and htdocs/lang/en.utf8/mahara.php files For any confusion you can also check against

Indicating what version they are on in Mahara and what they currently are on at time of publishing 09 Jan 2019:

Current versions marked in Red indicate the plugin needs updating/upgrading.

Name Readme file URL License Current version Latest version Latest branch version Requirements of latest version Note Estimated upgrade time Notifications
ADODB ./htdocs/lib/adodb/README.mahara Dual-licensed under the BSD and Lesser GPL license, with the BSD License having priority. 5.20.16 5.20.17   We need to update to version 5.21 for PHP 7.4 compatibility, but this has not been released as at July 2020 (Bug 1859528) The current roadmap is that issues related to PHP 7.3 and higher will only be fixed in ADOdb version 5.21+. Investigation needed, we could possibly want to go to 5.20.17 ADOB release all news on current releases + important bug fixes on first.
Bootstrap ./htdocs/lib/bootstrap/README.Mahara MIT License 4.3.1 4.5.0 Dependencies: Updated jQuery to v3.5.1 There have been 2 minor point releases since we upgraded Investigation needed (Liam?) Bootstrap has an RSS feed:
and a twitter account:
Bootstrap Datetimepicker ./htdocs/js/bootstrap-datetimepicker/README.mahara MIT License 4.17.47 4.17.47 runs using bootstrap and moment.js Current at July 2020 n/a n/a
Chart.js ./htdocs/js/chartjs/README.mahara MIT License 2.9.3 2.9.3 PHP 5.3+ n/a n/a
Clipboard js ./htdocs/js/clipboard/README.Mahara MIT License 2.0.4 2.0.6 released March 2020 looks like a bug fix, looks like one of the smaller upgrades n/a
Cookie consent ./htdocs/js/cookieconsent/README.mahara MIT License 3.1.1 3.1.1 Current at July 2020
NB: Has changed ownership, but there is still an OS version, which we are using
n/a n/a
CSS Tidy ./htdocs/lib/csstidy/README.Mahara LGPL 1.7.1 1.7.1 PHP 5.4+ n/a n/a
Dragon-drop ./htdocs/js/dragondrop/README.mahara MIT License 3.2.1 3.2.1 Up to date at July 2020
last updated August 2019
n/a n/a
Dropzone ./htdocs/js/dropzone/README.mahara MIT License 5.5.0 5.7.0 Released Mar 10
last updated July 2020
we have no customisations, should be straight forward n/a
Dwoo ./htdocs/lib/dwoo/README.Mahara, GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 1.3.7 1.3.7 PHP 5.3+ Current at July 2020. Last updated July 2018 n/a
NB: This library is no longer maintained
Elastic Search ./htdocs/lib/elasticsearch/README.Mahara Apache v2.0
LGPL v2.1
6.1.0 7.8.0 PHP 7.1
Native JSON 1.3.7 or higher
Patch in review to upgrade to 7.5, (Bug 1840101: update elasticsearch-php to 7.5) which currently works with ES server 6.8, but not 7.Note that our code needs to be upgraded so we can connect to ES server 7.6, which is a separate issue.
Investigation in process to upgrade our code.
Elastic Search PHP 7.8.0 is compatible with Elastic Search 7.8.0
fancybox3 ./htdocs/js/fancybox/README.Mahara GPL 3.0 3.5.6 3.5.7 no significant changes n/a
gridstack ./htdocs/js/gridstack/README.Mahara MIT License 0.4.0 1.1.2 A lot of activity in the past few months - looks to be significant structural changes, including removing jquery. Investigation needed, but looks like a large change (Cecilia?) Change log:
HTML Purifier ./htdocs/lib/htmlpurifier/README.Mahara LGPL v2.1+ 4.11.0 4.13.0 PHP >5.3 New version supports PHP 7.4
bug fixes
In progress <-- is there a patch for this?
Javascript templates ./htdocs/js/javascript-templates/README.Mahara MIT License 3.11.0 3.18.0 node.js They made some formatting changes, but no real changes. We don't need to upgrade n/a
jQuery ./htdocs/js/jquery/README.Mahara MIT License 3.5.1 3.5.1
jQuery mobile ./htdocs/js/jquery/jquery-mobile/README.Mahara MIT License 1.5.0-alpha.1 1.5.0-rc1 released Sept 2018, last updated Jun 14, 2019
touch.js last updated June 2016 (
No significant changes
jQuery UI ./htdocs/js/jquery/jquery-ui/README.Mahara MIT License 1.12.1 1.12.1 jQuery 1.7+ last updated July 2020 n/a
jQuery UI plugin touch-punch ./htdocs/js/jquery/jquery-ui/jquery-ui-touch-punch.min.js
MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses 0.2.3 0.2.3 jquery, jquery-ui is not currently being maintained n/a
JS Color ./htdocs/js/jscolor/README.Mahara GPL 3 2.3.3 2.3.3 bug fixes, extended features, performance tweaks we have no customisations, hopefull straight forward upgrade, small?
Json editor ./htdocs/js/jsoneditor/README.Mahara MIT License 1.3.0 2.3.0 There are a number of changes, not sure how it will affect us Investigation needed
jTLine .htdocs/js/jTLine/README.Mahara MIT License 1.0 1.0 Last updated Aug 2018. Our version is forked from the original n/a
Lodash ./htdocs/js/lodash/README.Mahara MIT License 4.17.15 4.17.16 change log:
4.17.16 is latest release though change log shows from 14.17.15 to wip 4.17.19
n/a?? Lodash was brought in with gridstack- gridstack v0.5.0 no longer have it as a requirement, if we upgrade gridstack we can probably let lodash go?
Marked ./htdocs/js/marked/README.Mahara MIT License 0.7.0 1.1.1 No security updates What we use is a min.js file, so it's hard to diff. Probably small effort to upgrade, but allow for medium due to unknown
Masonry ./htdocs/js/masonry/README.Mahara MIT License 4.2.2 4.2.2 Current at July 2020. Last updated Jul 2018 n/a
Mobile detect ./htdocs/lib/mobile_detect/README.Mahara MIT License 2.8.33 2.8.34   Supported devices have been updated Updating effort looks small
Moment.js ./htdocs/js/momentjs/README.Mahara MIT License 2.24.0 2.27.0 used in conjunction with the bootstrap datetimepicker. 2 releases have come out, looks like bug fixes
change log:
probably a small upgrade effort
Oauth PHP ./htdocs/webservice/libs/oauth-php/README.Mahara MIT License 175 175 This package is not maintained and was last updated in 2010 We should replace with an oauth2 php library and / or checkout what Moodle do
PDFjs ./htdocs/artefact/file/blocktype/pdf/js/pdfjs/README.Mahara Apache License 2 2.2.228 2.4.456 change log: Medium to large upgrade, depending on if structure changes. Investigation needed
PHPMailer ./htdocs/lib/phpmailer/README.Mahara LGPL 6.0.6 6.1.4 Changes include compatibility fixes for PHP7.4 No security fixes In progress <-- is there a patch for this? The latest version is now 6.1.7 (maintenance release)
Popper ./htdocs/lib/popper/README.Mahara MIT License 1.16.0 2.4.4 Very active project with a lot of releases. Used by Bootstrap. When Bootstrap updates to use popper V2x we will be able to upgrade popper.
ReCaptcha ./htdocs/lib/recaptcha/README.Mahara BSD-3 1.2.1 1.2.4   5.5+ Changes are to documentation, not code, so no need to update n/a
Select2 ./htdocs/js/select2/README.Mahara MIT License 4.0.9 4.0.13 Bug fixes and improvements, no major changes or security fixes At least medium effort to upgrade, as there are several changes in Mahara and quite a bit of testing
simplesamlphp /htdocs/auth/saml/extlib/simplesamlphp/ GPL 2.1 1.18.4 1.18.47 3 releases since our current version, 1.18.16 addresses security issue: Investigation needed into the effort + testing required
change log:
Skin fonts /htdocs/lib/fonts/README.Mahara ,,, Multiple licenses n/a, 2.29, 5.000, 8.11 no changes n/a
System fonts ./htdocs/theme/raw/fonts/README.Mahara, ./htdocs/theme/raw/sass/lib/font-awesome/README.Mahara,,, MIT License, Apache License, version 2.0 5.8.1, 1, 1, 1.9 5.14.0, 1, 1, 1.9 changes to unicode for fontawesome medium effort to upgrade due to needing to check for issues.
TinyMCE ./htdocs/js/tinymce/README.Mahara LGPL 5.0.13 5.4.1 A number of bug fixes and improvements
Test on mobile when updating
probably only worth updating if we are affected by any of the bugs they are fixing. Need to investigate that and how long it would take.
TinyMCE - Mathslate ./htdocs/js/tinymce/plugins/mathslate/README.Mahara GPL 3 1.1 1.1 no changes
Our version is now forked to keep make it work with Tinymce 5
Video.js ./htdocs/artefact/file/blocktype/internalmedia/videojs/README.Mahara Apache License 2.0 7.6.5 7.8.4   Some bug fixes. Looks mostly minor changes
Needs investigation. Probably small to medium
zxcvbn ./htdocs/js/zxcvbn/README.Mahara MIT License 4.4.2 4.4.2 Current at July 2020
Last updated Feb 2017
Should we change to a maintained library, eg Yes we should but is that one just a port of the js version or is it an updated / more robust system?