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A list of the third party plugins within Mahara.

Indicating what version they are on in Mahara and what they currently are on at time of publishing 6 April 2016:

Name Readme file URL License Current version Latest version Bug # Latest branch version Notes
ADODB ./htdocs/lib/adodb/README.mahara Dual-licensed under the BSD and Lesser GPL license, with the BSD License having priority. 5.19 5.20.2 #1539346    
Aurulent-Sans font ./htdocs/lib/fonts/README.Mahara SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1 n/a      
Bootstrap Glyphicons Halflings font ./htdocs/theme/raw/fonts/README.Mahara MIT License 1.9        
Charis SIL font ./htdocs/lib/fonts/README.Mahara SIL Open Font License: 5.000      
ChartJS ./htdocs/js/chartjs/README.Mahara MIT License 1.1.0      
Cookie consent ./htdocs/js/cookieconsent/README.mahara MIT License 2.0.9      
CSS Tidy ./htdocs/lib/csstidy/README.Mahara LGPL 1.5.2 1.5.5 #1536895    
DejaVu Sans font ./htdocs/lib/fonts/README.Mahara DejaVu Fonts License v1.00: 2.29      
Dropzone ./htdocs/js/dropzone/README.mahara MIT License 4.2.0      
Dwoo ./htdocs/lib/dwoo/README.Mahara Modified BSD License: 1.2.0   2.0beta Latest is unstable
Elastica ./htdocs/lib/elastica/README.Mahara MIT License 2.0.0 3.0.1   2.3.1 Latest branch version is compatible with elasticsearch 1.7.3, latest major version compatible with 2.1.1
Flowplayer audio ./htdocs/artefact/file/blocktype/internalmedia/ MIT License 3.2.11      
  • ./htdocs/theme/raw/fonts/README.Mahara
  • ./htdocs/theme/raw/sass/lib/font-awesome/README.Mahara 4.4.0        
Ghostscript fonts ./htdocs/lib/fonts/README.Mahara GPL3 (via the GPL2 "any later version" clause) 8.11      
HTML Purifier ./htdocs/lib/htmlpurifier/README.Mahara LGPL v2.1+ 4.7.0      
Javascript templates ./htdocs/js/javascript-templates/README.Mahara MIT License 2.4.1      
jQuery ./htdocs/js/jquery/README.Mahara MIT License 2.2.0      
jQuery UI ./htdocs/js/jquery/jquery-ui/README.Mahara [jQuery UI] MIT License 1.11.4      
jQuery addon: Star Rating.js ./htdocs/js/README.Mahara [jquery.rating.js] MIT License 3.14     Removed from 16.04
jQuery addon: Timepicker ./htdocs/js/jquery/jquery-ui/README.Mahara [timepicker] MIT License 1.5.0 1.5.5      
jQuery addon: Touch punch ./htdocs/js/jquery/jquery-ui/README.Mahara [touchpunch] dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses 0.2.3      
JS Color ./htdocs/js/jscolor/README.Mahara GPL 3 2.0.4      
Mahara flashplayer ./htdocs/artefact/file/blocktype/internalmedia/mahara-flashplayer/README.Mahara GPL 3 3.2.18      
Mobile detect ./htdocs/lib/mobile_detect/README.Mahara MIT License 2.8.19      
Mochikit ./htdocs/js/MochiKit/README.Mahara MIT License 1.4.2 1.5.0     Soo obsolete!!! Removing via #1323920
Oauth PHP ./htdocs/webservice/libs/oauth-php/README.Mahara MIT License 175     This package is not maintained
Open Sans font ./htdocs/theme/raw/fonts/README.Mahara Apache License 2.0 1        
PDFjs ./htdocs/artefact/file/blocktype/pdf/js/pdfjs/README.Mahara Apache License 2 1.0.1040 1.2.109      
PEAR ./htdocs/lib/pear/README.Mahara New BSD: 1.9.5 1.10.1 #1535989    
PEAR/Archive ./htdocs/lib/pear/Archive/README.Mahara New BSD: 1.4.0      
PEAR/Log ./htdocs/lib/pear/Log/README.Mahara MIT License 1.12.9      
Pear/XML ./htdocs/lib/pear/XML/Feed/README.Mahara LGPL 1.0.5     This package is not maintained
PHPMailer ./htdocs/lib/phpmailer/README.Mahara LGPL 5.2.14      
ReCaptcha ./htdocs/lib/recaptcha/README.Mahara MIT License 1.1.2     In process of upgrading
Roboto Slab font ./htdocs/theme/raw/fonts/README.Mahara Apache License 2.0 1        
Select2 ./htdocs/js/select2/README.Mahara MIT Licene 4.0.1      
Slimbox2 ./htdocs/lib/slimbox2/README.Mahara MIT License 2.05      
TinyMCE ./htdocs/js/tinymce/README.Mahara LGPL 4.3.3      
TinyMCE - Mathslate ./htdocs/js/tinymce/plugins/mathslate/README.Mahara GPL 3 1.1      
Video.js ./htdocs/artefact/file/blocktype/internalmedia/videojs/README.Mahara Apache License 2.0 5.6.0 5.8.8      
Zend framework ./htdocs/webservice/libs/zend/README.Mahara New BSD: 1.12.17 2.5.2      
Zero clipboard ./htdocs/js/zeroclipboard/README.Mahara MIT License 2.2.0 v1.5.5 is probably the way we want to go. No flash