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|'''2. The Release''' - Outcome: zip file is available on Launchpad
|'''2. The Release''' - Outcome: zip file is available on Launchpad
|RC Release
|'''[[Developer_Area/Release_Instructions/Release_Candidate|RC Release]]'''
|'''[[Developer_Area/Release_Instructions/Release_day|Major Release]]'''
|'''[[Developer_Area/Release_Instructions/Release_day|Major Release]]'''
|Minor Release
|Minor Release

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Mahara creates 2 major releases per year (April: XX.04.0, and October: XX.10.0). We also create 'minor point' releases when we need to add urgent fixes and security updates (e.g. XX.04.1, XX.04.2 etc). Doing minor point releases is slightly different to doing a major release. On a major release, we apply any security and bug fixes that are included in the release as a minor point update to other supported versions. Minor point releases are for security fixes or urgent bug fixes - these happen between major releases.


STAGES Release Candidate Major release


Minor point release

(XX.XX.1 etc)

1. Release prep RC Prep Major Prep Minor Prep
2. The Release - Outcome: zip file is available on Launchpad RC Release Major Release Minor Release
3. Release follow-up admin - forums, bug report updating, admin etc
4. Community site upgrades NA NA
5. Minor point updates for all supported versions and clients who have paid for that support package NA
6. Retro workshop NA NA

Links to documentation

  1. A week before the release: Comms
  2. Pre-release steps for developers
  3. Release day steps for developers

Extra info for devs

OLD DOCUMENTATION (Beware: only kept for posterity)