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Mahara creates 2 major releases per year (April: X.04.0, and October: X.10.0). We also create 'minor point' releases when we need to add urgent fixes and security updates (e.g. X.04.1, X.04.2 etc).

This page contains links to details about the procedure to follow when building a release for general download, i.e. a zip file.

Doing minor point releases is slightly different to doing a major release.

For the purposes of these instructions, assume we are releasing version X.Y.Z of Mahara.

On a major release, we apply any security and bug fixes that are included in a major release as a minor point update to other supported versions (backported). But we don't backport any new features.

Minor point releases are for security fixes or urgent bug fixes - these happen between major releases.


Release candidate - zip file is available on Launchpad (not for minor)

Release candidate testing (not for minor)

Release prep (yes for minor, but slight differences)

The Release - zip file is available on Launchpad (yes for minor)

Release follow-up - forums, bug report updating, admin etc (yes for minor, but slight differences)

Upgrade community sites (Clients have to pay for upgrades) (not for minor)

Do minor point updates are for all supported versions and clients who have paid for that support package (yes for minor)

Retro workshop (not for minor)

Release steps

  1. Pre-release comms
  2. Pre-release steps
  3. Release day steps

Older pages kept for reference: (all the information in the pages below has been added to the pages above)

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