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📋 Final Checks

🟡 Security team (if you don't have +2 review status, you won't be able to see these patches)

🚨 Make sure that any security reviews/patches are merged before proceeding 🚨

  • Merge the 'Private' security patches.
  • Update the related Launchpad bugs to 'Public security'.

🟡 Release manager

  • CVE #'s - Security issues have an assigned CVE number?
  • Backporting - security fixes backported to all supported versions that need them?
  • Bugs fixed - all bugs going into his release have their fixes merged for all supported versions?
  • Comms - to Mahara partners + drafted the forum posts?

🟡 All devs

  • Confirm your minor point release number, i.e. check the latest minor point release and add 1, e.g. 21.10.4 -> 21.10.5
  • (Security team) Cherry-pick the security bugs with the status ' Confirmed' to your minor point branch. e.g. _DEV
  • Create a release on the milestone on Launchpad to receive the release generated tarballs
  • git pull mahara-scripts
  • Valid GPG - ensure you have a valid GPG key added to your Launchpad account: See
  • lptools - ensure you have the lp-upload-project installed for uploading the release tars: apt-get install lptools

📓 Changelog and release notes

Use the templates below to structure your changelog and release notes. These are just to be preped. Filenames don't matter, the text is used later.

Changelog template

Note: You can copy the list of bugs from the milestone page ( and re-format the list.

Changelog template.png

Release notes templates

Template for minor point release notes

Minor point release release notes.png