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To do a release candidate, follow the usual release instructions up to and including step 5.

Changelog and release notes

Do not paste the full changelog on Launchpad (that's for the actual release) and only put something like "First release candidate for 1.4" in the bullet point section of the release notes on Launchpad.

Do not update the bug tracker

The bug tracker does not need to be updated because no bugs should ever have an RC release as its milestone.

Furthermore, these bugs are not fixed until the release has happened, so they should be left as "Fix committed".


The main purpose of an RC is to get people to test the release for any major bugs. Therefore, we do not consider the RC as a release and only announce it through:

  • Identica/Twitter
  • IRC
  • The news forum

(Note that Freshmeat is missing.)

Here is a sample announcement for the News forum:

 This is a call for testing. If you want to make sure that Mahara 1.4 works well on your site,
 please help us out by testing this first release candidate:
 New Features for the Release Candidate are listed on Launchpad with the newfeature tag:
 The Mahara developers have completed development and bug fixing on Mahara 1.4 and are giving
 users an opportunity to report last minute bugs to be fixed before the final release:
 If important bugs are found within the next week we may produce a second release candidate.
 Otherwise this release candidate will become the final release.
 - The 1.4 Release Managers

Here is another one for the last release candidate:

 Based on the feedback we have received so far, this will most likely be the last release
 candidate before the final 1.4 release:
 New Features for the Release Candidate are listed on Launchpad with the newfeature tag:
 If you haven't had a chance to test it out yet, please do so now and report any bugs on the
 This is your last chance to make sure your upgrade to 1.4 will be smooth. If nothing major is
 reported in the next few days, we will be cutting the 1.4.0 release in about a week.
 - The 1.4 Release Managers

Do not update the demo site

The demo site should always be the last stable release. The RC is not a release yet.


Updating however is useful for users who do not have somewhere to set up a test instance but would like to check out the changes.