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Implementation notes for the app-style navigation for Mahara 17.04

We have wireframes for the implementation.

The navigation is context-sensitive. That means that when you are anywhere in the "Content" area and you click the "Menu" icon, you see the "Content" navigation items directly and don't have to click on "Content" first. And when you are in "Portfolio", you see all menu items in that section. When you are in "Configure site" in the admin area, you see all those navigation elements etc.

The navigation overlays the page and you need to click on a navigation element or close the menu in order to do something on the page again.

The navigation for mobile devices stays the same with the hamburger when the screen size gets too small to display the regular menu.

We will use Font Awesome icons as in other parts of the site.

The "Drop-down menu" option would need to be removed from the "Configure site" -> "Site options -> "Site settings" as we will not have an alternative navigation.

Ideas for the future beyond the intial implementation for Mahara 17.04

The idea of showing a "strip" on the left for the menu is so we can also pin other elements there. This could be a user-defined option so that people can pin portfolios, artefacts or other frequently used menu items there in order to access them easily.