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Developer's notes

Elasticsearch PHP client

Elastica was chosen as the PHP client because at the time development was started, it was the only one. 2 other clients are now available.

Release v0.20.5.0 of Elastica is used, compatible with Elasticsearch 0.20

Ugrading to Elasticsearch 0.90 would require Release v0.90.1.0

Plugin administration

  • Elastic Search Types are table names (usr,interaction_instance,interaction_forum_post,view,group,artefact)
  • Everytime the settings are saved, the mapping of each type is updated, and the triggers on each table are dropped and re-created. MySQL is not supported at the moment. The functions in ESindexing need to be updated for MySQL.
  • Resetting a type inserts all the records of the related table into elasticsearch_queue.
  • Indexing is done on cron tun.


Every time a record is inserted, updated or deleted in one of the selected table, a DB trigger inserts the id and type of that record into elasticsearch_queue.

The original idea was creating more hooks on the different types, but it would be more time consuming and complicated.