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Plans plugin

Later here will be a more detailed description how the new Plans plugin works, first only a short summary:

ArtefactType Plan

Plans are now available as private(as before) and group plans, so we have "private" Plans which can be reached through the menu and we have groupplans, which can be reached unter the tab "Plans" when viewing a group.

Plan templates

Private Plans now can be created also as "template plans". This is a functionality for potential group admins (teachers). In their private area they create a plan with selectable tasks as a template plan and later as a group admin they have the possibility to create easily a group plan just by importing this template plan into the group. Once imported the group itself is the owner of the plan (cause it's a plan created in the context of this group) and it is completely independent from it's "parent" template plan. The latter can be edited, deleted or extended while not affecting any groupplans based on it.

Of course also the new group plans can be edited, extended or deleted while not affecting their parent plans.

Group plans

Inside a group, plans can be created (or imported from a private template of the creator as mentioned above) as "normal" plans or as "selection plans". A "normal" group plan works like a private plan as we are used to it from previous Mahara versions.

Selection plans

A Selection-Plan is only for groups available (or template plans which are also supposed to be imported as group plans) and it's option by creating a new group plan is available under following conditions:

Important requirements in the group settings to be able to create selection plans inside the group

To be able to have Selection-Plans inside a group, following group settings are needed: Content - Create and edit: Everyone except ordinary members Allow submissions: Yes

Selection-Plans provide the following functionality:

Group admins and tutors see the plan as a "normal" group plan and are able to edit it.

Normal group members see the plan and it's tasks in a readonly view and can select every task by clicking the switch next to it. In this case they overtake the task and it's parent plan inside their private plans. If an outcome portfolio is assigned to the task, a copy of it will also be created in the (private) portfolio section of the user.

Once chosen the normal group members (students) can view the assigned task view (with more detailed and deeper informations and additional material referring to the task), edit their assigned outcome portfolio (which is after chosing the task a private copy of the assigned outcome portfolio template) and submit this outcome portfolio into the group - all from one single point: The task. As they now also have a copy of the plan and their chosen tasks in their private area, students have the possibility to set their inherited plans and tasks settings individually, e. g. a reminder of 14 days before the completion date was set as default in the group task, but the student wants to be reminded earlier, he can change this setting in his private area because this is his own private plan with his own assigned outcome portfolio after choosing a task from a selection plan.

A portfolio (view or collection) which is assigned to a private task which is rooted in a selection grouptask, is recognized as such by the system and provides only this group in the group dropdown of the submission form on the portfolio.

ArtefactType Task

Tasks are extended with some more fields.


Currently only an information field will have in later Plans releases functionality.


If set, the user receives a reminder notification related to the set reminder time period in relation to the completion date.

But the biggest extension is the ability to assign portfolios to tasks.

Taskview (view)

Here the user can assign a view to the task in which the task can be detailed described and some material could be provided.

Outcome (view or collection)

Here the user can assign an outcome to a task. The biggest advantage of this feature is the assignment of an outcome portfolio to a selection grouptask. Now the student (normal group member) can choose the task (and make a private copy of the outcome portfolio), edit the portfolio (which also can be reached from the groupplans) and submit his final outcome to the group without having to create a portfolio and on submission the user can be sure, that it's submitted into the right group.

So the student has a central "cockpit" to work on tasks which are provided from a teacher inside a group - The Plans tab, from which he can 1. Have a closer look at a possible detailed task view 2. Edit his outcome to every task 3. Submit his outcome assigned to the task

Of couse he will find all the tasks also in his private Plans area callable from the menu.



  1. Create a plan template and tasks in his private area
  2. Create views with detailed informations to every task
  3. Go to a desired group in which he has the role "admin" and the group should have the settings mentioned above under "important" (Content - Create and edit: Everyone except ordinary members, Allow submissions: Yes)
  4. In the Plans tab click "create new plan", then "from template" in the edit window
  5. Make shure, that the selection plan option is set and save.


  1. Visit the group and the plans tab
  2. View the desired plan and select desired tasks
  3. Visit all outcome portfolios by clicking the related button located at the respective tasks
  4. Submit the outcomes by clicking the related button located at the respective tasks


Use the functionality of the new submissions plugin, which will be described later but is relatively self explanatory.

That's all for now - more to come soon.

Have fun Alex