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If you need to set up a Mahara development site, and you don´t have prior knowledge of Debian-Ubuntu, you can install Mahara under WAMPSERVER. This last one is a web development environment which allows to run web applications using Apache, MySQL and php in a windows environment. It also includes phpmyAdmin and SQLiteManager to manage the databases.

The following steps have been only tested with Wampserver 2.0c, so if you have already a previous version installed and doesn’t work, you may need to upgrade to 2.0c.

1. The first step is to download and install the latest version of WAMPSERVER. This installation is pretty straightforward and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Once it is installed, click on the shortcut Wampserver icon displayed on screen. You will notice a new small icon display on the bottom left of the taskbar. You can activate the different utilities of WAMPSERVER by clicking on that small icon.

2. Download the latest version of Mahara.

3. In the /www directory that Wampserver has created in your hard-drive, create a subfolder called “Mahara” and extract all the Mahara’s files there.

4. The next step is to configure all the variables in the config-dist file of the /htdocs directory. You need to complete this file with the values of your installation:

$cfg->dbtype   = 'mysql5';
  $cfg->dbhost   = 'localhost';
  $cfg->dbport   = null;
  $cfg->dbname   = 'mahara';
  $cfg->dbuser   = 'root'; // this is usually the default user for the database administrator.
  $cfg->dbpass   = 'password'; If you have added a password to your root user, you should add the password here.
  $cfg->dbprefix = '';

You need to configure the paths for the wwwroot and dataroot directories with the values in your installation. In my case: $cfg->wwwroot = 'http://localhost/mahara/htdocs/'; and $cfg->dataroot = 'C:\\wamp\\data';

Leave the rest of the config-dist file as it is. Once you have saved the file, rename as “config”

5. Before launching Mahara, we need to create the database, with the same name that we have set up in the config. php. For that, go to the “phpmyAdmin” menu of “Wampserver”. Type “mahara” -or the name you have added for your database in the config file- in the box “create new database”.

6. Once the database has been created, go to the “localhost” option of Wampserver. You will see that under “Project”, there is a new folder for Mahara. Click on it in order to complete the installation.

If everything goes OK, Mahara will start installing the different pluggins and components in the database.

When the installation finishes, if everything goes OK, you will be prompted to log in first time in Mahara as administrator (remember that the username is “admin” and the password “mahara”)