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Blogs in 1.4 and onwards

'Blog' is now called 'Journal'.

Journal Management

At the User Level

http://www.yourdomain/artefact/blog/view/ A user can create or delete a journal post, add a journal description and attach tags.

At the Admin Level


Turn side wide Journals 'on' or 'off'

Plugin type: Artefact
choose between 'show' and 'hide' for blog

Turn side wide Journal Blocktypes 'on' or 'off'

Plugin type: Blocktype
choose between 'show' and 'hide' for blog/blog, blog/blogpost, blog/recentposts

Enabling Multiple Journals per user

At the User Level

A user has to enable multiple journals first. This can be done at http://www.yourdomain/account/ Just click on 'Enable multiple journals' and then 'Save'

At the Admin Level


At the Code Level

For new users you can change lib/user.php, function expected_account_preferences() (around line 200) and change the line that reads:

'multipleblogs' => 0, to 'multipleblogs' => 1,

and newly created users will get multiple blogs by defauls.

For existing users, you may need to update records in the usr_account_preferences table for those users that have only one blog. You can use the following SQL query to see which users get only one blog (unless they manually change the account setting). You need to type it in a single single, though I type it here in several lines for readability:

SELECT, usr.username
FROM usr 
JOIN usr_account_preference usr_ac ON ( = usr_ac.usr)
WHERE usr_ac.field = 'multipleblogs' AND (usr_ac.value='0' OR usr_ac.value=);

and you can change the setting to multiple blogs to all of them with something like this (again in a single line):

UPDATE usr_account_preference set value='1'
WHERE field='multipleblogs' AND (value='0' OR value=);

if you want to change the setting to some of them, you can do it with something like this (again in a single line). You just need to specify the usernames in quotes separated by commas in the last part of the sentence:

UPDATE usr_account_preference set value='1'
WHERE field='multipleblogs' AND (value='0' OR value=) AND usr IN (
FROM usr usr1
WHERE usr1.username IN ('username1', 'username2', 'username3'))

Further Discussion

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