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作成中です - mits

Mahara 1.2以降、管理者は修正 (または新しい) 言語ファイルをlocal/langディレクトリに入れることができるようになりました。これらのファイルのストリングはインストール済み言語パックのストリングに優先 (override) されます。

For example, say you want to change the string "Logout" to "Let me out!". This string is defined in htdocs/lang/en.utf8/mahara.php. You can create the file htdocs/local/lang/en.utf8/mahara.php with the following contents:


$string['logout'] = "Let me out!";

There is no need to edit the original language files, so updating the site to newer versions of Mahara will be easier -- there is no need to merge local changes to the language files with the updated versions.

Strings used by plugins are stored in files like htdocs/artefact/file/lang/en.utf8/artefact.file.php. These strings can be overridden by creating htdocs/local/lang/en.utf8/artefact.file.php.