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あなたに提供したいプラグインがある場合、プラグインの情報と共に [email protected] までご連絡ください。必要であれば、あなたのgitリポジトリをgit.mahara.orgにセットアップすることも可能です。

注意: 以下に一覧表示されているプラグインは、Maharaコアと同じレビューの基準に制約を受けているわけではありません。ですから、セキュリティまたは他の問題を含んでいる可能性もあります。あなたの必要性にプラグインが適切かどうか、あなた自身の責任において検証してください!




  • Bookmark by Catalyst for Intel Education - ユーザはリンクをMaharaのアーティファクトとして保存することができます。マイポートフォリオメニュー配下の独立したページで管理され、ブロック内に表示することもできます。Mahara 1.2のみ。 download
  • Europass by Gregor Anželj - MaharaにEuropassを実装することで、ビューにEuropassデータを表示して、このデータを複数のフォーマットにデータをエクスポートすることができます。
  • My CPD by James Kerrigan & Geoff Rowland - CPD (Continuing Professional Development) ログおよび異なるCPD活動における合計滞在時間をレコード詳細に追加しいます。
  • My Learning by Gregor Anželj - adds questionaires about learning styles and intelligences, with Flash-based visualisations that can be embedded in Views
  • My Reading by Jong-Dae Park - add comments on the books users read. The plugin was developed by modifying the code of blog artefact plugin developed by Catalyst and utilize web service from Korean online book company. The code need to be modified if users want to use webservice from the online book company in other countries. download
  • Problems & Conditions by Catalyst for Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine - adds the ability for students to record case notes about medical conditions, and share them with others. A nice feature is a category browser that makes it easy for users to choose what conditions to associate with a given case note.
  • Web Services Web Services support for Mahara (REST, SOAP, & XML-RPC)
  • External Resource by Laurent Opprecht - allows you to add embedable content (videos, pictures, ...) and resources (pdf, rss, ...) to your Mahara portfolio. All providers that implement any of the protocols (oembed, ogp, ...) is supported - Youtube, Dailymotion, Slideshare, Google Books, and more.


  • Chem 2D NIH by Geoff Rowland - uses the NIH NCI/CADD Chemical Identifier Resolver service to display an image of a 2D chemical structure in a Page (View).
  • by Gregor Anželj - embeds tons of Web 2.0 stuff
  • Facebook Like / Recommend by Gregor Anželj - adding Facebook buttons to a Mahara page so that updates can be sent to that service (bug tracker and code repository)
  • FreeMind Flash by James Kerrigan and Geoff Rowland - adds an interactive Flash rendering of a FreeMind mind map to a Page (View).
  • GoogleApps by Gregor Anželj - allows for making Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, calendars and maps visible in a View.
  • Jmol by James Kerrigan and Geoff Rowland - displays an interactive 3D chemical structure file rendered with Jmol in a Page (View).
  • Jmol NIH by Geoff Rowland - uses the NIH NCI/CADD Chemical Identifier Resolver service to display an interactive 3D chemical structure rendered with Jmol in a Page (View).
  • LinkedIn Profile by Gregor Anželj - embeding LinkedIn public Member Profile to a Mahara page
  • LinkedIn Share button by Gregor Anželj - adding LinkedIn Share button to a Mahara page so that updates can be sent to this service
  • My Forum Posts block by William Mair - displays your posts from multiple forums (bug tracker and code repository)
  • Twitter by Florian Eder - embeds Twitters Tweets or Twitter Timeline
  • Twitter Tweet buttons by Gregor Anželj - adding Twitter buttons to a Mahara page so that updates can be sent to that service (bug tracker and code repository)
  • WindowsLive by Gregor Anželj - embeds documents, Hotmail calendar and Bing maps in a View.


  • CAS plugin by Patrick Pollet
  • Janrain Engage by LUNS Ltd. for Learning Arabia - provides a single sign on to Mahara using identity from the popular websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! and many others. It uses Janrain Engage (former RPX) service.
  • LDAP group enrolment (File:Ldap enrol.php) by Amer Hamade allows you to get the users automatically added to the specified group on Mahara upon login.
  • LDAP sync by Patrick Pollet: sync LDAP user accounts and LDAP groups. More information in the forum post
  • Radius authentication plugin by Stanislav Tsymbalov.
  • Shibboleth by Laurent Opprecht- designed to work primarily for Shibboleth but should work as well with other web server based authentication schemes.




Unless the plugin has an installation manual, to install the plugin, download it first, then decompress it in the appropriate plugin type directory. For example, if you download an artefact plugin, decompress it in the 'artefact' subdirectory. If you download a blocktype plugin, decompress it in the 'blocktype' subdirectory.