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作成中です - mits

We intend to list on this page any material that could be useful to those wanting to spread their love for Mahara.


You will find the Mahara logo attached to the bottom of this page. If you'd like to make use of it, please make sure that you follow the Mahara Trademark Policy.

Mahara @ イベント

The Mahara community is growing and so are the events at which Mahara is talked about, presented, demonstrations given etc. Here we attempt to collect as many of these events as possible.


Mahara also has some custom logos for the various roles that members of the community take on:

Mahara Bot
Mahara Contributor
Mahara Core Contributor
Mahara Packaging
Mahara Reviewer
Mahara Scribe
Mahara Security
Mahara Subscriber
Mahara Translator
Mahara Unit test (or regular tester)