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If you want to know more about Mahara features and test it functionality on your own machine or your virtual machine, you can download the customised Ubuntu Desktop LiveCD with installed Mahara. Here is the quick steps to bring you a sample mahara site.

  1. Download a iso file from
  2. If you have a virtual machine e.g. virtualbox
    1. Run virtualbox
    2. Add new machine with Type: Linux and Version: Ubuntu (64-bit)
    3. Set memory size at least 512MB (recommended: 1GB)
    4. Choose 'Do not add a virtual hard drive'
    5. In Storage setting, choose a virtual CD/DVD disk, select the downloaded ISO file.
    6. Run the machine
  3. If you have a blank DVD, just burn it with the downloaded file and boot the machine with burnt DVD
  4. If you have a USB stick,

After you boot a machine with the iso file, you can

  1. Login as mahara with password: mahara
  2. Open Firefox
  3. Enter URL: http://localhost/
  4. Use mahara1 as the password for all accounts including the user: admin