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Cloud plugin

Specification can be found here.

Cloud plugin was build and tested on Mahara 1.5.x. It also works on 1.6.x and latest 1.7.0dev.

Work is currently happening for 15.04 support. In January 2016, will start work for 15.10 support.


Currently supported/implemented Cloud Services

Currently the following Cloud Services are supported/implemented:

  • Arnes (FTP access)
  • BitBucket
  • Dropbox
  • GitHub
  • Google Drive
  • SugarSync
  • SoundCloud
  • Windows Live SkyDrive
  • Zotero

Version history

1.5 to 1.10

Cloud plugin 1.1.1 (2013010701) for Mahara 1.6.x (download)

  • Added support for Arnes (FTP access) - ARNES = The Academic and Research Network of Slovenia
  • Added support for BitBucket
  • Added support for GtHub
  • Added support for SoundCloud
  • Added fix for table width display problem

Cloud plugin 1.0.0 (2012121202) for Mahara 1.6.x

  • Initial release of the plugin
  • Supports services:, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SugarSync, Windows Live SkyDrive and Zotero