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Individual Learning Plan Plugin


Many National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) involve the formulation of ILPs to record and keep track of a student's progress throughout the length of the course. These courses use a point system; the course has a set point value that needs to be achieved by the students. This is achieved by the selection of units, which have different point values depending on the level of the NVQ.

This Mahara plugin allows simple ILPs to be maintained. It includes fields for setting the title, description, status, point value, target completion date and the actual date of completion of individual units. It also does calculations on the points, displaying the remaining points needed, the acquired points and the total value of the units added. Each ILP is set up to include the title of the course, its description and its set point value.

The ILP can be added to a Mahara view, which can also include related resources and artefacts, e.g. a blog, piece of text or Google document that illustrates the work done on the units included in the ILP.

The plugin allows a user to have multiple instances of ILPs. So, a user can store ILPs for multiple NVQs they may partake.

The plugin adds a new 'ILP' tab (similar to 'My Plans') to 'My Portfolio' in Mahara. The code was based on 'My Plans'


The plugin is currently available from GitHub.

Download, unpack and copy the /ilps folder (and included files and folders) into the /artefact folder of your Mahara installation. Then enable the ilps and units from the Plugin Administration interface.

The plugin should work with any Mahara 1.4.x installation . It creates a new artefact_ilps_unit table and a artefact_ilps_points table which have a 1:1 extension of the artefact table. Please test it on a development installation before production deployment.


This plugin supports the following Languages:

- English

- French - Thanks to Dominique-Alain JAN (dajan)

- Spanish - Thanks to Iñaki Arenaza (iarenaza)

Adding an ILP to a Mahara Page (View)

When editing a Page, drag the 'Your ILP' icon (below) into the Page (View) from the 'General' tab of the Mahara toolbar

ILP thumb.png

You can also add related resources and artefacts for the ILPs units to the page, e.g. a blog, piece of text or Google document that illustrates the work done on the units included in the ILP.

It is possible to export a Page (View) containing a ILP as a standalone HTML Website.

A Page (View) containing a ILP, or multiple ILPs, can also be exported via Leap2A, then imported into another Mahara instance.