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This is the documentation page for the Survey plugin by Gregor Anzelj. It's intended that this be the starting point for collaboratively developing documentation for the plugin.

Needed: a sandbox for testing

Can anyone provide access to a development Mahara? See below why...


Gregor Anzelj recently completed a generic version of MyLearning, called "Survey", where users can substitute their own questions and choose different outputs (graphs, charts, etc.)

The only thing that's holding up release is the need to document the plug-in. He doesn't have the time to write a manual for users to create their own surveys in XML format. This manual should contain all the XML syntax needed to create their own question with answers, all parameters, etc. I suspect it'll become something that only superusers can use, but I think even that is a really good thing.

Starting info from Gregor

Sample surveys in XML format for Survey plugin are available here:

A "Beta" (test) version of the plugin is available at:

Please use it only in development environment (NOT the production one!)

Cheers, Gregor

PS: Some time ago I wanted to start writing the Manual for creating custom survey. Here is that attempt: