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=Not done=
=Not done=
* [[Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development/HTML5_media_player|HTML5 media player]]
* [[Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development/New_user_probation|New user probation]]
* [[Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development/New_user_probation|New user probation]]
* [[Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development/Acceptance_testing|Acceptance testing]]
* [[Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development/Acceptance_testing|Acceptance testing]]

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This section contains specifications that are currently in development.  Once they are finalised, they should be moved either into the Roadmap temporarily, until the new feature is released, and then into User documentation.

What might be coming to Mahara

The Mahara project does not have a set roadmap for each release as that depends largely on features that the community implements and those that are being funded to implement, e.g. via a Mahara support company. Nevertheless, the Mahara release team at Catalyst has some items that it wishes to take a closer look for upcoming releases. You can view these items in the table below.

The items are listed more or less according to priority. Some items are fairly small whereas others are large pieces of work that may need to be split up over several releases once the specifications are clearer. The effort that is displayed is just an indication as the eventual implementation may be larger or smaller depending on the finalized specifications.

The list was inspired by the existing Mahara wishlist and the Blue sky thinking.

If you wish to contribute to funding any of these features, please let us know.

Features Comments Projected effort
TinyMCE button to embed media from your portfolio Done small
TinyMCE selector for choosing portfolio pages for linking them in the text small
TinyMCE button for embedding iframes small
Drag and drop on mobile Done small
Copy page button Done, copy pages, collections, create Leap2A / HTML files small
More responsive and updated themes Done medium
Default skins medium
Rethinking groupings of pages and collection organisation for yourself as well as grouping of pages for others to see huge
Reduce number of clicks ongoing
Print to PDF Formatting is the difficulty; side-effect: we would get thumbnails of pages that could be used for other purposes medium to big
Page versioning i.e. like a wiki so you can go back to previous versions of a page / entire portfolio; this is probably what is needed rather than implementing a wiki because a Mahara page could just be one page and doesn't have to consist of multiple columns big to huge
Re-design of the page builder (long-term) style changes, page itself as rich-text area and then drop blocks into that; make page layouts into a plugin type, i.e. have a traditional Mahara page, a blog page, etc. huge
Drop-down menu as default instead of tabbed navigation as default for the main menu - Abandonded in favor of re-designing the menu navigation in general tiny
Re-designing the menu navigation big
Improve tagging UI use the “Auto-select” UI interface that we use for selecting multiple recipients of a message also for tags small to medium
Mobile specific HTML tags Done. e.g. opens camera app, gallery app without needing mobile app small
Etherpad functionality i.e. editing text collaboratively simultaneously medium
Make the end-rendered Mahara pages prettier so that they don't look so blocky medium
“Like” button for pages medium
Upload a site logo Done; for “No institution”; already exists for other institutions, just not the site level tiny
MNet service migration to replace Mnet with web services and a more modern authentication protocol; incl. bringing the web services plugin into core Mahara and implementing a connection manager to easily manage sites connecting to Mahara big to huge
Skin previewer Switch between skins and quickly preview your page with the skin medium
Integrate SAML SSO into Mahara so that all necessary packages are installed and don't need to be set up separately medium
journal entry prompts to facilitate scaffolding medium
Auto-select everywhere i.e. where it could replace more cumbersome interfaces, e.g. see tag selection tiny
Export pages and collections on all levels i.e. group, institution, site and not only individual portfolio pages / collections small
Forum posts by email Moodle will have it in 2.8 medium
AJAX preloading pages i.e. make front-end faster
Sticky filters Done i.e. choose a setting on a page, e.g. wanting to filter your portfolio pages according to the last modified date and when you refresh the page that selection is still there and not reset tiny
Config file generator for easier way of setting up Mahara
Tag recommendations tag recommendations based on what's on your page big to huge
Implement or something similar To have a living style library available for designers and developers to use to stay consistent
performance profiling Nigel already started on that
More authentication plugins see Janrain plugin; need to be able to limit e.g. GoogleApps domain


Not done