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Done in Mahara 18.10 according to new proposal.

As part of the usability work that is happening, a good look at the main navigation is worth considering. The following is an initial proposal that was formulated with some things in mind:

  • Navigation items should be grouped and ordered based on logical tasks, such as:
    • filling in personal info
    • collecting stuff
    • organizing/displaying stuff
    • networking with others
    • settings and other "utilities" that are rarely used
  • Drop down menus would be good - but we may not need them immediately. This proposal keeps the 3-level menu system as is, and just rearranges things

Proposed Structure

Levels indentation correspond to the three levels of navigation we currently have (main nav, sub nav, in page tabs).

  • Home
  • Profile (No more in page tabs)
    • About Me (encorporate existing 'General' tab into this, and the 'Personal Info' section from Resume)
    • Contact Information
    • Messaging (rename to Social Networking and add fields for Flickr Username, etc)
    • Resume (remove the Contact Information and Personal Info sections, as they add nothing new - do the rest as in page tabs)
      • Cover Letter
      • Interests
      • Employment & Education
      • Acheivements (under this go certs/accreds/awards, books/pubs, prof memberships)
      • Goals & Skills (can be factored back out to sub nav items if they don't make sense as part of resume)
  • My Portfolio
    • My Views
    • My Files
    • My Blog
  • Network
    • Groups (here, instead of in page tabs as a third level of navigation, we could have a 2-level javascripty filter, indicated here by indentation levels)
      • All Groups (simple, non-filterable search box provided here)
      • My Groups (when this filter is chosen, the second filter level appears - by default nothing in the second level is selected and the results are not filtered further)
        • Groups I own
        • Groups I'm In
      • Pending Memberships
    • Friends
      • Find Friends
      • My Friends
      • Pending Friends
  • Inbox
  • Settings
    • My Account
    • Profile Icons
    • Notifications
    • Institution Membership
    • Portfolio Export