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This is a high level summary of the overall changes. View the individual pages for more details and mock-ups.

Outcomes portfolio setting and database tables

  • Create the 'Outcomes portfolio' option as institution setting so that it can be available for groups created in that institution
  • Create database tables for outcome types and subjects to record necessary details such as short names and colour code classes where appropriate.

Group changes

A new group type is created that defines the editing permissions on a portfolio and access to certain other pages within a portfolio.

'Outcomes' infrastructure in the group collection

  • Create the 'Manage outcomes' page infrastructure ('Manage outcomes – group admin only' mock-up)
  • Create the outcomes overview page and infrastructure
  • Allow for the direct editing of fields
  • Allow for the clicking of icons to complete outcomes and activities
  • Create new pages (activities) from this page and set them up
  • Pull in activity information from the individual pages
  • Respect permissions for the different types of group members and who can edit or only see what

Activity page infrastructure

  • Add activity information to the page settings → Create a new portfolio page type
  • Pull in information from tables and people to auto-populate information
  • Display activity information set up on the page settings page
  • Update certain information directly while editing or viewing the activity page
  • Dealing with 'signing off' / completing activities

Checkpoint block infrastructure

  • Create a new block type
  • Pull information through from the activity page setup for levels of achievement
  • Deal with achievements and rules of what shall happen once a checkpoint has been achieved
  • Resembles the peer assessment block

    • No restriction though who can add comments
    • No draft option
    • No instructions
  • Page comments are still kept separate and could still be used.