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Mahara 1.2.0alpha2 Release Notes


 You MUST install this from scratch, upgrading from trunk or from a previous
 stable release is NOT supported.

 This is a preview release of Mahara 1.2. Things will be broken!
 Please do not file bug reports, but we are interested to hear your
 feedback on the new features, through #mahara on freenode or the forums at www.mahara.org.

 This release includes:

  * Import/Export feature added, containing:
  * LEAP2A export complete
  * LEAP2A import mostly supported (barring views resume artefact plugin)
  * HTML export complete, but needs some polishing
  * Export User interface in place
  * Many bug fixes and other small improvements

 As mentioned, there is no supported upgrade path. Attempting to upgrade an
 existing Mahara will result in a broken system, so do not try this yet.