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Latest revision as of 17:03, 19 June 2019

This is a release candidate of Mahara 1.2. Release candidates should have no major bugs affecting the installation, upgrade path or general Mahara usage, but nevertheless may have bugs in these areas. You can report bugs to the tracker:

Please choose '1.2 stable branch' as the version of your bug.

In this release, upgrading from the 1.1 stable version is possible. This does not mean that this should be done on a live website! Please perform any testing you might want to make on either a new install of this release or a copy of your site.

This release includes:

  • Many theme fixes after the Smarty -> Dwoo migration
  • View feedback is now WYSIWYG
  • Fixed exporter crash on PHP 5.1
  • Fix bad use of json_encode/decode in importer/exporter on older PHPs
  • Fix remaining issues in LEAP2A import
  • Send notifications to views/admins when views are submitted for assessment
  • Allow configuring all block settings regardless of whether the View is a template
  • Heaps of minor bug fixes and small improvements ahead of the 1.2 release

As mentioned above, the upgrade should not be attempted on a live site yet. Instead, make a copy of your database and dataroot, set up a new Mahara using them, and test upgrading on that.