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For the release of Mahara 20.04, the April 2020 release, a number of features were identified to support the growth of Mahara.

Usability improvements
to simplify the user interface, keep up with the changing world of how people interact with web applications and thus expect from Mahara.

Technical updates
to make use of new libraries that are used and keep current with technology that is included. That also supports the usability of the site.
  • Refactor Mahara Mobile in React Native
  • Gulp upgrade
  • Investigation of support of PHP 7.3 (and PHP 7.4)
  • Investigation of support for MySQL 8

New feature development
to offer tools to learners that they need to create the portfolios they want or are required to set up.

Issue resolution
to fix problems that people have come across.

Infrastructure updates
to facilitate the smooth running of the project, the server infrastructure that hosts community sites used for conversations with people using or planning to use Mahara and developers.
  • Create a proof-of-concept to make test environments available in the cloud for easier testing by community members
  • Upgrade the Mahara Manual to use Python 3 for the generating of the manual files
  • Run Behat tests more efficiently on Jenkins