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  • Importing ePET data into Mahara is currently broken due to well-formedness issues with ePETs export, however with those issues ...s) - but cannot import any files at all, as the importer can't handle .zip files.
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  • .../1.1... what about and as symlinks? * This will require that we go through the files and change the @phpdoc tags until the structure is generated properly, and
    18 KB (3,215 words) - 15:10, 10 September 2021
  • [09:00:28] Nigel McNie: so just has_part, and control the order in the xml file then ...nt: I think it might be good practice to put in a note equivalent to "this page deliberately left blank"
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  • ...rade path. Attempting to upgrade an<br /> existing Mahara will result in a broken system, so do not try this yet.<br /><br />
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  • ...o put Mahara into "Maintenance mode" via the button the Administration homepage. This will force all current users to log out of your site, except for admi ...cess</code> file will redirect traffic to your site to (e.g. a maintenance page):
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  • ..._Area/tabs ... this will automatically cascade the changes to all relevant pages --> This page explains how to set up a copy of Mahara for development purposes.
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