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| Debian 7
| Debian 7
| Wheezy
| Wheezy
| 1.5.1| TBA  
| 1.5.1
| TBA  
| style="background:lightgreen;font-weight:bold;" | Debian 6
| style="background:lightgreen;font-weight:bold;" | Debian 6

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Definition of support

Being supported means:

  • The release team is committed to making available updates to Mahara that are security related.
  • Occasionally, some other serious bug fixes will be included, but these are not guaranteed.

Release schedule

Current and upcoming releases (Mahara 1.5+)

As of Mahara 1.5 and the adoption of the 6-month release cycle, Mahara is supported for the duration of 3 release cycles.

Older releases (pre Mahara 1.5)

For Mahara 1.4 and earlier, support has been provided for 2 release cycles.

Extended support

We upload packaged versions of Mahara to Debian and Ubuntu, which can be installed via the repositories.

This means that we provide security fixes only for these packages until the "End of life" dates. Only versions installed from the universe repositories are given security fixes beyond the official Mahara end of support date.

In the tables below, the "Mahara Version" is the Mahara release that the functionality is comparable to, and once a version of Ubuntu or Debian is released, the functionality does not change. However all security fixes found for these versions get added in the repository packages, and we work with these distributions to provide this extended security support.


LTS versions of Ubuntu (Marked in bold text in the table) are supported for 5 years, normal releases are supported for 18 months.


Debian releases are supported until one year after the next version is released.