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Current and upcoming releases

As of Mahara 1.5 and the adoption of the 6-month release cycle which started for Mahara 1.6, each Mahara major version is supported for 3 release cycles (18 months).

A new major version of Mahara is released every 6 months. Starting with the 15.04 release (after 1.10), Mahara is changing its version numbering system to reflect the date the release is scheduled.

Older releases (pre Mahara 1.6)

For Mahara 1.4 and earlier, support has been provided for 2 release cycles.

Definition of support

Being "supported" means:

  • The release team is committed to making available updates to Mahara that are security related.
    • (See Security to find out how to report security bugs to us.)
  • Occasionally, some other serious bug fixes will be included, but these are not guaranteed.

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