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If your database has been configured without plpgsql as a trusted language, and you are installing or upgrading to Mahara 1.5, you will need to ensure the plpgsql language is available in your Mahara database.

Enable PL/pgSQL using the psql terminal client

The following commands can be used in your psql database client:

GRANT USAGE ON LANGUAGE plpgsql TO <mahara_db_user>;

Replace <mahara_db_user> with the user that mahara connects to the db with.

(Tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8, PostgreSQL 8.1.23)

Enable PL/pgSQL using the createlang program

Alternatively, you can use the createlang utility that comes with Postgres. For instructions on how to use createlang, see the relevant page of the Postgres manual: Version 8.3 8.4 9.0