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You can install two plugins for Moodle 1.9 that will allow Mahara users to submit their Mahara Views to a Moodle course for assessment.

The first is an ordinary Moodle module, and just sets up some mnet functions to

  1. get listings of a user's Mahara views within Moodle,
  2. submit a Mahara view to the Moodle mnet host (rather than to a Mahara group)

The second plugin is a Moodle assignment type which provides the interface for the student to choose the view to submit, and which allows the teacher to grade the submitted view.

More detailed steps below:

  1. You need a Moodle 1.9/Mahara 1.2 pair already set up with SSO in the Moodle -> Mahara direction.
  2. Untar mahara-contrib-mdl19-mod-mahara-master.tar.gz, mahara-contrib-mdl19-mod-assignment-type-mahara-master.tar.gz into the Moodle.
  3. Log into Moodle as administrator and visit /admin (installs the mnet functions).
  4. In the admin section, visit Networking -> Peers Click on your mahara host, and then on the Services tab. Under Mahara assignment mnet module, check Subscribe, and save changes.

Teachers should now be able to select the "Mahara Portfolio" assignment from the Activity drop-down in the Moodle courses.

If you intend to grade the Mahara View assignments using Outcomes, and you would like students to be able to keep track of the Outcomes for their Views on the Mahara side, you can do this with the Mahara Outcomes artefact plugin:

  1. Untar mahara-contrib-plugin-artefact-outcome-master.tar.gz into the Mahara.
  2. In mahara, log in as the mahara admin, go to Site Administration -> Administer Extensions, and click the "Install" link beside the "outcome" artefact plugin.

This adds a "My Outcomes" tab under the My Portfolio menu.

User documentation is available in the Mahara/Moodle outcomes micro manual.

These plugins were funded through a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Education to a collaborative group of the following New Hampshire school districts: