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📋 Additional tasks

Manage merge conflicts in version.php in backports

When backporting patches, sometimes the htdocs/lib/version.php will get merge conflicts because of a new DB upgrade step.

Example backporting from 22.04 to 21.10.png

Solve the conflict:

  1. Keep the set of code that matches to the version you're working with, e.g. in this case, the top section.
  2. Increment the $config->version number by 1.
  3. Copy the incremented version number and replace the last step in htdocs/lib/db/upgrade.php
  4. Check that the new number is higher than the previous upgrade step.

In certain situations, $config->version number needs to be incremented and copied over the most latest DB upgrade steps, ensuring that it's later than the other DB upgrade steps.

(Major release) Announcements

🟡 Kristina

Release notes posted in the News forum (copy the format from the release notes for the previous release).

  1. Publish the news forum post to announce the major release (includes git stats).
  2. Change the topic of #mahara and include a link to forum topic on #mahara-dev
  3. Make a post in the following socials:

Bump the stable_version on

This is done via the htdocs/admin/cli/create_version.php script which is controlled by cron and will update once a day.

If you can't wait for the cron you can log into the server and run the CLI script manually:

sudo -u www-data php create_version.php

Note: Deploying the change to testing site will not show change - only deploy to production will

Update community sites install (currently Catalyst hosted)

Check if any of the merge-branches need attention:!/

  •, including prep site and change the version number and release date on the homepage and dashboard page (via Admin menu -> Configure site -> Static pages)
  • (at minimum to latest minor point release of the supported version it runs on)

Update the installed language packs on the demo site. As a guideline, language packs that are 90% or more translated should be installed.

(Major release) Generate the git stats

The git contributor stats go in the release announcement on the Mahara News forum.

  1. Clone our version of gitdm from the mahara-scripts repo: git clone [email protected]:scripts/mahara-scripts.git
  2. Get the name of the current release branch, e.g. 21.10_DEV
  3. Get the previous branch's first release tag, e.g. 21.04.0_RELEASE

Generate the stats:

  1. cd ~/path/to/mahara.git (your local mahara repo)
  2. git log -p -M --no-merges 21.04.0_RELEASE..21.10_DEV > ~/mahara.log
  3. cd ~/code/mahara-scripts/gitdm/
  4. cat ~/mahara.log | ./gitdm -c mahara.config -u -s -z -o results -h results.html

Check the results file:

  • Ensure that developers are only listed once (otherwise add them to the mahara.aliases file).
  • Make sure that there is no "(unknown)" company by making sure that all of the necessary mappings are in mahara.domain-map.
  • If there are "(unknown)" company results, look through the generated text file "database.dump" to locate the unmapped individuals/emails.

(Major release) Update Launchpad series statuses

Update the status of our series in Launchpad for both the Mahara and Mahara-Lang projects:

  • Change Future/trunk series to "Active development" and its description to "Release of Mahara X.Y, scheduled for April/October YYYY"
  • Change the series just released to "Current stable release"
  • Change the series of all the supported series to "Supported"
  • Change the series that has just fallen out of support to "Obsolete"

(Major release) Update the Mahara manual

  1. Remove the version that is now out of support from the quick links to older manuals.
  2. Mention on the now unsupported manual that it is unsupported.
  3. Change the sentence on the index page of the new release to include the release date and add a link to the release announcement.
  4. Change the redirect in the index.html of the manual-builder package (Catalyst only).