Release Script

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⚡ The release script

  • A git repo will be created at /tmp/mahara.####/mahara/ cloned from .
  • It builds Mahara archives based on the given _DEV branch and puts thme into your current folder. ( .zip, .tar.gz.asc, and .tar.bz2.asc)
  • You will get a script to run later.

‎* A new _STABLE branch is created off the _DEV branch.‎

Run the script

  1. Go into mahara-scripts and git pull the latest version.
  2. Run ./release.php X.Y.Z X.Y_DEV.
    • X.Y.Z is the new branch that will be made. This is also used in the archive file names.
    • X.Y_DEV is the existing branch we will create the new release from.
    • If the Z in X.Y.Z is "0" this will also create a new _STABLE branch.
  3. When prompted, insert your changelog.

Any data you enter for the prompts will go into the Launchpad release page. You can enter it here, or leave it empty here and enter it directly into the Launchpad webpage.

Check the terminal output in case there are GPG errors

E.g. Tag new version bump commit as 'X.YRC2_RELEASE' error: gpg failed to sign the data error: unable to sign the tag

So this is what I did to fix it, all commands are on command line:

  1. Update the gpg program with: git config --global gpg.program gpg2
  2. Test if it is working with: echo "test" | gpg2 --clearsign

It wasn't so I had to do: export GPG_TTY=$(tty)

then run again echo "test" | gpg2 --clearsign

Run release.php command again and check if it still gives the error.

Do not reboot your machine in the middle of doing a release or you will have to run through the release script again.

Note: For release candidates the commit message should be empty.