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== Overview ==
== Overview ==
* [[Developer Area/Language Packs|Language Packs]] - how to write a language pack for Mahara, and how to contribute it back
* [[Developer Area/Documentation Wishlist|Wishlist]] - what documentation did you find missing and would like people to contribute?
* [ How to submit good bug reports]
* And if you just want the [[Developer Area/Source code|source code]], it's available via [ git] at
* [[Developer_Area/Accessibility_Checklist|Accessibility Checklist]]
** Our gerrit code review system: <tt>git clone</tt>
* [[Developer_Area/Bug_Status|Bug Status Policy]]
* [[Developer_Area/Unit_Testing|Unit Testing]]
** Github:
* [[Developer_Area/Behat_Testing|Behat Testing]]
* [[Developer Area/Common issues|Common issues]]

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Testing Area/tabs

Here is a bunch of testing documentation for Mahara.

This is for people who want to understand how Mahara is tested, or want to develop new tests (manual or automated) for Mahara.