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Name: Gold
Role: Mahara Developer
About me: I am a recovering Drupal developer based in Wellington, New Zealand and I have worked at Catalyst IT since January 2012. I have been a PHP developer since 2001(ish) and worked with Drupal since 2005. I've had some personal projects I've wanted to work on that will/are built with Drupal but these are progressing very slow due to working all day on client sites in Drupal.

When the opportunity came to work on Mahara I couldn't pass it up. In addition to freeing up the mental capacity to work on my personal projects at home it would also allow me to work on, and actively contribute to, an Open Source project that helps learning institutions. My goal is to become an Approved Developer. The following sections are aimed at tracking/documenting that process.

Outside of work I am a Sci-Fi geek, Browncoat, Skeptic, role player, board gamer. I like extremely long walks (not usually on a beach) and I don't get enough of that. In my spare time I fly spaceships.



It's early days for me at this point.

I am currently working on upgrading the supported version of Elasticsearch.

I would also like to add an improved logging system. This is mostly a developer tool that Drupal has which was sorely missed on the Carleton University work.


None yet. Again, early days...

Client work

Carleton University is using Brightspace from D2L as their LMS but is using Mahara as a replacement for the default ePortfolio. Brightspace and Mahara talk to each other using LTI 1.3 and I extended the support to allow for "Deep Links" (links into Mahara that could take a user from an Anonymous state to a logged in state with appropriate permissions on a specific page) to be selected from the "Quicklinks" menu in a text area on the Brightspace side.

Bug Fixes and Merged Changes

There is a list of merged contributions to Mahara.


These are things that I've come across in my work with Mahara that I would like to see 'fixed' but don't have the time at the moment.