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Name: Lisa Seeto

Role: Mahara Developer

About me: I am a developer based in Wellington, New Zealand and I have worked at Catalyst IT since January 2019 in the Mahara Team. It would be great to become an Approved Developer.


One of the bigger features that I have implemented was the creation of a the "Comments and Details" modal to alter the workflow from the redirection to another page /artefact.php to staying on the same view and opening a modal instead. This was a large undertaking and was included in Mahara's 19.10 release. Working on this feature allowed me to see a lot of the different areas of Mahara and its processes which was a great introduction to it when I was still relatively new in the team.

The artefact page for comments and details of artefacts in versions < 19.10
The Comments and Details modal in action

I regularly implement bug fixes and other changes, have added and updated Behat tests for automated testing, created bug reports and have made patch verifications and completed other types of testing. I have also completed code reviews for fellow Mahara contributors.


I have taken part in multiple Mahara Release cycles since January 2019 including assisting with Security Releases. I have also experienced creating a release for 20.04.1

Updates / Upgrades

I have updated several of our Mahara Community sites and have also Upgraded them. I have also gained some experience in upgrading some of our third party plugins.

Client work

I have completed client work for several clients of Catalyst. Some of this work included site upgrades, changes to institution based filtering for drop-down search lists, displaying alerts to peers when they can no longer view page content, changes to the sign-off block, supplying our clients with data such as CSV files using SQL queries among other changes.

Bug Fixes and Merged Changes

To see a list of the changes that have become a part of Mahara please see the following:

List of merged contributions to Mahara