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I've been working as a software engineer at Totara Learning Solutions since July 2012. Before that I was doing PhD at Massey University and using Mahara as a prototype for my thesis. So, I started working with Mahara since v1.2.

I am also a Moodle core developer and Moodle Badges component lead.

My community profile:


Bugs Fixed

Fix for errors when no license exists (Bug #1297075) #1d8594e

Make Edit buttons for Goals and skills more descriptive (Bug #1285413) #c3fe4ff

Worked with Nathan Lewis on fixing PHPUnit: Fix phpunit testing framework (Bug #1288439) #774a884

Contributed to the patch for: Added CSS support for page blocks (Bug #1273931) #65f3c09

Remove unused port number from XMLRPC auth (Bug #1220410) #fe2964a

Add Creative Commons 4.0 as licence types (Bug #1265982) #9c6c1ec

Make 'Edit/Add License' page titles more descriptive (Bug #1266907) #ef95242

Add warning when deleting a page used in a collection (Bug #1027260) #65776be

Code Review

Simplify layout of Resume composite tables (Bug #1271779)

Move the Journal entry's date to below title (Bug #661602)

The $anonfeedback variable has not been used since v1.2 (Bug #1281121)

Remove empty links in institutions list (Bug #1278668)

Fix the watched group/institution page errors (Bug #1099811)

Added entries and pages counts to journal delete confirmation message (Bug #1051500)

Changed navigation block from table to list (Bug #1264014)

Issues I found / helped testing / fixing

Fixing mistake with db select call (Bug #1264105)

Errors when License metadata is enabled and all licenses are removed sitewide (Bug #1297075)


MaharaHui 2014 Social Networking Features in Mahara

Digital Media and Learning Conference 2013 Moodle as Issuer, Mahara as Displayer

Other Development

Currently working on developing social networking features for Mahara. For more information see my Comments on feature proposals forum post.