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Your login details will be the username and password you entered during registration or as assigned by your institution or Site Administrator. Where relevant, you will also need to select the institution with which you are associated.  


Your username may include alphanumeric characters, full stops and @ symbols. Your username must be between 3 and 30 characters long. Usernames are not case sensitive


Your password must be at least six characters long and contain at least one digit and two letters. Your password may not be the same as your username and is case sensitive


Once you have submitted the registration form, an email will immediately be sent to your email address. This email will contain a link which once followed, will confirm your account and log you into the system. 


If you do not receive an email confirmation message after registration, please ensure the registration message has not been caught by your email junk filter. Please contact the Site Administrator if you have any problems registering. 

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