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Edit Profile allows you to include the following information about yourself in the following fields:

  • Name and student ID – These fields may be locked for editing by an administrator, depending on local settings of Mahara.
  • Preferred name - Use this if you do not wish to display your full name. Your preferred name can be anything you like and replaces your full name display to all users except site administrators and staff.
  • Introduction – You may wish to write a brief introduction about yourself. The information you enter here will be searchable by other users.
  • Contact information – Here you can add various contact details such as postal address, any external Blogs you may have and personal website addresses.

You can also add additional email addresses using the Add Email button. Once you have saved your profile a message will be sent to the new email address. This message will contain a link which once followed, will confirm your email address is valid. This confirmation email is valid for 24 hours only.

  • Messaging – Include details of any Instant messaging service you may use, such as Skype or Jabber.
  • General – Indicate your profession and industry where relevant.
  • Remember to Save Profile before progressing

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