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The Mahara user manual moved to

The resumé area allows you to build digital resumés or CVs which can be tailored and shared with different audiences. It is entirely optional which of the fields you complete and which of those you then make available through Mahara’s View structure. 

my resume.png

This area is divided into two sections – one for entering general information and one for details of your experience and qualifications.  

When adding information to any of these fields remember to click Save 

The General Information fields in My Resumé includes: 

Cover Letter – Use this space to introduce yourself or provide supplementary information related  to the purpose and audience with whom you are sharing  your resumé  

Interests  - Here you can detail personal and/or professional interests 

Contact information – Your Contact Information is taken directly and edited from where it is stored within your Profile. To add to or update your Contact Information, click on Edit Profile. Once you have entered in the required information, click on Edit My Résumé to return to your Résumé area. 

Personal information – These optional fields allow you to include additional information about yourself 

The experience and qualifications area includes:  

Employment history, Certifications, Accreditations and Awards, Books and publications and Professional Memberships . To add details to any of these sections, click on Add to expand to an area in which to add your details. After each entry remember to click Save. Entries display in reverse chronological order. 

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The My Resumé tabs have been reorganised into

Introduction, Education & Employment, Achievements, Goals, Skills and interests


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  • Resume categories.png