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A View is a selection of Artefacts which you arrange and present to others, which may include:

  • selected files
  • resumé details
  • text (your added commentary, instructions or orientation)
  • third party embeds or links from the Web.

Can Views be collaborative?

They can be - and whether they are or not will affect the way you create them.


  • If you are the only person working on the View, you will probably want to create it within your Portfolio. If you are a member of a Group, you can then share that View with a Group (and allow copying, as appropriate).
  • Whereas if you are collaborating on a shared View, then you may prefer to start a Group which you and your collaborators can join, and create any collaborative Views within that Group.

Who can see my View?

A view can be kept private or shared with any number of Groups or individuals as you wish. You may create as many different Views as you like and reuse your Artefacts, even giving them different titles for different audiences.

Views can also be used to submit work for feedback or assessment to a Controlled Group.

Click on the images below to see sample Views, or view the slideshow on the Mahara front page

sample view 1.pngsample view 2.png


  • Sample view 1.png
  • Sample view 2.png